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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Quebec-North Shore CanAm Semifinals Game 4 Log

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North Shore 1st inning
Weed 3A
Cordova singled to CF
Davilla P-6
Trezza singled to RF; Cordova advanced to 2B
Rowan K

Quebec 1st Inning
Shimizu 4-3
Scalabrini P-4
Tomlinson F-7

North Shore 2nd Inning
Wishy 6-3
Fischer K (looking)
Gray BB
Sabino P-4

Quebec 2nd Inning
Lantigua 3-1
Montague BB
Lehr K; Montague steals 2B
Lepine K

North Shore 3rd Inning
Weed F-8
Cordova 4-3
Davilla doubled to RF
Trezza K

Quebec 3rd Inning
Legare 6-3
James BB
James stole 2B
Shimizu BB
Scalabrini F-7
Double steal: James to 3B; Shimizu to 2B
Tomlinson 1-3

North Shore 4th Inning
Rowan K (looking)
Wishy F-7
Fischer K

Quebec 4th Inning
Lantigua singled to SS
Montague GDP 3-6-1
Lehr K (looking)

North Shore 5th Inning
Gray F-7
Sabino F-8
Weed doubled to LF
Cordova BB
Davilla HBP
Trezza 3-A

Quebec 5th Inning
Lepine PF-3
Legare L-6
James F-8

North Shore 6th Inning
Rowan homered to LF
Wishy F-7
Fischer F-8
Gray homered to LF
Sabino K
2/2/0/0 -- North Shore 2, Quebec 0

Quebec 6th Inning
Shimizu singled to LF
Scalabrini BB; Shimizu to 2B
Tomlinson HBP; Scalabrini to 2B; Shimizu to 3B
Robinson relieves Morse (5+IP 21BF 2H 2R 1ER 4BB 3K)
Robinson picks off Shimizu 1-5-2; Scalabrini to 3B; Tomlinson to 2B
Lantigua IBB
Montague reached on E-4; Scalabrini and Tomlinson scored; Lantigua scored on E-2; Montague advanced to 3B on throw to HP
Lehr SF-9; Montague scored
Lepine 4-3
4/2/2/0 -- Quebec 4, North Shore 2

Quebec 7th Inning
Legare singled to LF
James sacrifice 3-U(tag); Legare advanced to 2B
Shimizu 3-A; Legare advanced to 3B
Scalabrini 4-3

North Shore 8th Inning
Stanton relieved Huguet (7IP 31BF 7H 2R 2ER 2HR 2BB 6K)

Rowan K
Wishy PF-5
Fischer F-9

Quebec 8th Inning
Rival relieved Robinson (2IP 8BF 2R 0ER 0HR 1BB 0K)
Tomlinson F-8
Lantigua BB
Montague 1-4-3; Lantigua to 2B
Lehr K

North Shore 9th Inning
Mendoza relieved Stanton (1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K)
Gray F-8
Sabino 6-3
Weed 5-3


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