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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Looking Ahead To 2008

It's funny how just seeing a simple schedule can help erase some psychic pain...

But that's what I felt when I saw the 2008 Potomac Nationals schedule. Opening Day is the first Friday in April. The home opener is April 9th. My first trip to Frederick, the PNats' nearest opponent, will be in late April.

The goal when I first moved to Virginia was to make a trip to each of the other seven cities in the Carolina League. Last year, it was Salem, Frederick and Wilmington. This year, it was Lynchburg and Winston-Salem (well, sort of - I got to the field but the game had been called on account of the cold).

Next year, I've got my sights set on Kinston, North Carolina.

Knowing from the previous road trips that the journey is as much fun and as important as the destination, I'm intrigued by taking the back roads to Kinston. I can still remember the little diner I stopped at on my way back from Winston-Salem, how it was probably the best plate of BBQ for the money that I had ever had.

I decided on Kinston because it's the first weekend road trip to destination I've never been to before. The hope is that summer doesn't come early — although I'm getting used to the heat around here, though maybe not the humidity — and that the game will be competitive. This past May, Kinston laid a hurt on Potomac that sent me packing by the 5th inning nearly every night for the three-game series, and last year it wasn't much better.

In another month or two, I'll plot every weekend that Potomac is on the road and see if it matches up against the home schedules of the Bowie Baysox, the Hagerstown Suns, the Harrisburg Senators, the Aberdeen Iron Birds, maybe even the York Revolution. And there's still the collegiate league I haven't seen yet, and they say the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs will be ready to join the Atlantic League...

And then I'll stare at that 2008 schedule over the next few months, waiting for the winter to pass.


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