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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Playoffs Are Here. Yay (Sort Of)

Somehow, the Potomac Nationals managed to win both halves of the Carolina League in 2008. This is no small feat, considering that more than 60 players came through Woodbridge this season. But, as the headline suggests, I'm not terribly confident these guys are going to play up to their potential.

Basically, there are just five guys left from the first week of the season, and only three starters: Ross Detwiler, Dee Brown and Matt Rogelstad. Jack Spradlin and Josh Wilkie are the relievers that have been here for the duration. And unfortunately, it just seems like the guys that are here now are more than willing to ride the coattails of the guys that were promoted — en masse — in May and June.

What's disturbing to me is that the guy that has "owned" the Blue Rocks is not starting Game One at home. Instead, the PNats are content to let their five-inning guy, Luis Atilano, take the hill and then hope that the bullpen can carry the day. It's worked for the most part, but with how flat the bats have been, it could be a factor in subsequent games, unless the PNats are planning on a secondary rotation (i.e. relievers to follow that are planned to go three innings or more).

I am excited to attend a playoff game as a season ticket-holder for the first time in four years. I had a similar feeling going into the playoffs that year, too. And that's what makes me nervous: Getting my hopes up only to have them dashed once again.


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