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Monday, October 16, 2006

Offseason Blues and Ramblings

It's hard enough that baseball, as I follow it, has been over now for six weeks. (I'm counting the Red Sox in that summation). But it's even harder as a displaced New England sports fan here in suburban D.C., where football matters more — and it's bad football right now. (The 2006 Deadskins are very much of the 1991 Patriots, if that helps paint the picture).

Tonight's NLCS getting rained out doesn't help. Not that I would have watched more than 2-3 innings, with Fox's habit of starting games at 8:19 p.m., which is usually the middle of the 5th inning on a normal baseball night in the summer. I understand the need to start in prime time, but why can't they do the freaking pregame @ 7:30 on the regional Fox Sports Nets, then have first pitch at 8:05? And, please, do we have to see who's in the crowd every 3 minutes? It may have been clever, maybe even necessary, when Fox was a fledgling network and needed every gimmick possible to promote its TV series, but now it's just annoying.

I read that above paragraph and realize the effect that Bob Ryan is having on me. But he's right: The GAME is entertainment enough. Even in lovely little Woodbridge, VA, home of the Potomac Nationals (would you believe, an affiliate of the Washington Nationals?) they play music between innings and whenever there's a break in the action. I've actually stopped conversations and picked them back up after the warmup tosses were done.

How long until Spring Training?


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