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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tickets Are In Hand!

Yesterday, my season tickets arrived. This is the fifth spring for which I have been a season-ticket holder, and the day the tickets come is second only to opening day itself.


The schedule serves as a wishlist; the book of tickets is a to-do list.

And for the first time since 2004, I'm seeing a front office that "gets it" when it comes to marketing and promotion. My last post was impressed by the month-by-month rundown of the giveaways. Since then, the P-Nats have taken it a step further and...

...reaffirmed that Washington Post Dollar night has returned. This is not a shock. Dollar night is usually quite popular, especially once schools let out.

...created a Tuesday night "Kids Night." While I think two-for-Tuesday's a better promotion, I get it that bringing a kid necessitates at least one parent coming along. What remains to be seen is if the P-Nats will be as diligent as other parks for managing the safety and preventing "dumpoffs" — parents dropping off the kids, then going back to their seats alone.

...partnered with a local chain for "Belly Buster Night!" Just as I was hoping, but what makes this better than other parks is that they've made it possible for season-ticket holders to participate, and, enabled you to sit where you want as well.

...made Friday night "Ladies Night." While it's not clear what their definition of "lady" is (that's an age reference, *ahem*), it's a great idea nonetheless. Of course, I'd have made a stronger connection to the "half price" dynamic that's implied, not to mention holding a speed dating event to connote that it's great way for singles to meet.

...and of course, reminded folks that every Saturday night has fireworks. Perhaps I did miss in past posts that the earlier start time on Saturdays was a good idea. While the P-Nats neighbors are mostly upscale condo-dwellers and are about 1/2 mile away, versus say smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood, it's nice gesture because it also allows parents to take the younger fans to the game, knowing there's a good chance they'll be home by 10pm.

Seventeen days to the home opener...


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