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Saturday, November 01, 2008

2009 Plans Coming Into Shape

Earlier this week, the Potomac Nationals finally released the 2009 schedule. For a fan like me, this is my calendar for almost half the year. It also enables me to tell the Mrs. when we can plan our vacation next summer, as I now know when the PNats will be out of town.

I had forgotten the effect of the WBC has onb baseball, as the season does not start until April 9 next year, and like 2007, the PNats will begin the season in Lynchburg.

There's the first road trip...

After my jaunt to the Carolinas this past summer, I got the idea that a road trip to the two toughest stops on the circuit out of the way. The weekend after Mother's day, I'm heading south to catch games in Kinston and Myrtle Beach.

There's the second road trip...

Then I spotted a weekend game in late June, to the yet-to-be-renamed Winston-Salem team. I'd ordinarily cross it off, but after the 2007 "cold-out" I can't really say I've seen a game there.

There's the third road trip....

Then, a month later, the PNats will be in Salem, which will now be a Boston Red Sox affiliate. Granted, I've already been, but if the weather permits, and the team is good...

Now, the frustrating thing is waiting for all my other stops to release their schedules: Bowie, Southern Maryland, Hagerstown and Harrisburg. Once that happens, it's time to put 'em in a spreadsheet and line up the PNat road games to the respective team's home games. The goal is to make each at least once, though I suspect these days, I may be able to make a few more.


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