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Saturday, March 28, 2009

And now it begins...

Three years ago, when I first moved to Northern Virginia, I became a season-ticket holder to the Potomac Nationals in the hope of seeing what I will now see this season... guys that I saw play in Woodbridge eventually playing in Washington.

That's because the Nationals announced this morning that Shairon Martis (2007) will be the team's #4 starter and Jordan Zimmermann (2008) will be the #5 guy. They will be joining John Lannan (2006) who has become the team's #1 starter.

Of course, it'll be a little nicer when it's a position player playing every day, since the road to the show is much shorter for a pitcher. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening for another couple of years. The next candidate is Leonard Davis, and I think the crowd will love it if he does his best imitation of Ozzie Smith, but I don't see Davis playing everyday without an injury to Ryan Zimmerman.

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Last year, I devoted quite a few posts to the new promotions, but this year it'll be just a few sentences because, frankly, not much has changed (for the better).

Dollar Mondays are back, but once again, they've been cut down. What used to be $1 hot dogs, popcorn, sodas, and seats is now just dollar dogs and grandstand seats. It's nice gesture to include Memorial Day this year, but all that's left to cut is the hot dogs or the seats, and I fear they'll think people care more about the cheap seats than the cheap eats.

Salute to Service is the theme for Tuesdays. To me, this rings a little hollow. Yes, they're including teachers, firefighters, and police. Yes, it's a free (grandstand) ticket. But most places offer a discount of some sort and they offer it every day.

All-you-can-eat is back but it looks like it'll be strictly in-house fare. This is really too bad, because last year's promo made me a fan of Moe's Southwest Grill, and even though I've since found a place I like even better (Panchero's) I strongly suspect my Saturday night routine of a pregame meal at Moe's won't change.

Ladies Night moves from Friday to Thursday, and I can't say I blame them. I couldn't see much measurable effect from the promotion last year, and I suspect that's the driving force behind the change.

Freebie Fridays is the "new" promotion, but in reality, it looks like they're shifting away from the weekend giveaways, particularly on Sundays, which this year are all at 1:00pm (they best hope for a LOT of cloudy days because only the diehards brave a metal stadium in 90+ degree heat).

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