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Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Small Victory For The Can-Am League

Last fall, things looked rather bleak for the Can-Am League. Brockton was locked out. Nashua was forced out. Six teams is minimum for a league to survive, and the prospect of dropping to four teams so far apart seemed like a death knell.

Then in December, Brockton paid off its bills and reorganized. This was what I was hoping for, and even though they didn't restructure their contract to get out from under the Shaw's Center, one has to hope that they'll focus this offseason on getting that facility filled year-round, like the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs do with events like this.

Yesterday, the other shoe dropped in Pittsfield.

While it's a shame that Holman Stadium, which I've held up as an example of how a great WPA ballpark can be refurbished, will likely lay dormant this summer, this is preferable to the last resort of trying to shoehorn into recently vacated Oneonta. Time will tell if the NECBL will move in to Nashua, which seems to be the pattern over the past five years.

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On a different note, the Potomac Nationals will finally enter the 21st century and install an LED scoreboard, killing my annual joke to nearby spectators that the scoreboard is older than most of the players. It's also an encouraging sign (click here for sound effect) that Art Silber is committed to staying rather than selling, since he paid for this on his own dollar (though I also know these things can be easily dismantled and sold).


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