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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hot Stove or A/C?

When it's 70 degrees on January 6th, there's a problem thinking and talking about the proverbial "Hot Stove." In fact, as I write this in my townhouse basement, the A/C just kicked on! Now, granted I'm now in VA, but c'mon 70 degrees?!

The Potomac Nationals are having its Hot Stove event on Sunday, January 21st. I'm still on the e-mail lists for a lot of the Can-Am League teams (including my beloved North Shore Spirit) so I'm privy to who's speaking where... and a little jealous, too.

I'm sure the P-Nats will put on a good show at the Hyatt in Fairfax. In fact, there's a little bit of a story in holding the event some 15 miles north from where the team plays, but I'm sure it comes down to demographics: You're going to hold it where the fans are coming from, not to mention the proximity to the airports and D.C.

But I digress...

Andy Dunn, Director of Minor League Baseball Operations for the Washington Nationals is the keynote speaker. Randy Knorr, manager of the team for the first half of the season in 2006, will also appear. No doubt we'll hear talk about how the Lerners will be putting money back into the farm system, which Major League Baseball put on autopilot under its stewardship from 2002 to last July. And, of course, I'll be looking forward to the silent auction, hoping that it won't be entirely memorabilia from the DC-area legends of the 60s, 70s, and 80s (read: Baltimore Orioles. Yuck)

But truth be told, I'd rather be in Brockton on the 26th, listening to Bob Ryan and Jerry Trupiano hold court at the Shaw's Center. It'd be worth the ribbing from the Rox fans. A close second would obviously be the Spirit's to-do at the Kowloon in Saugus, featuring the Red Sox's PR chief, Dr. Charles Steinberg, who knows a thing or two about how to drum up fan interest (Red Sox Nation, anyone?)

Maybe it's the Red Sox thread that tugs at me, or perhaps it's the affiliated-vs-indy thing that I'm still struggling with, but I think it's just simpler than that. The Rox and Spirit events just look like more fun.


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