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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Direct TV: An Update

I was all set to make the switch. I asked around. I compared prices. And when I made an inquiry to Direct TV to make an installation... I was told that my two-year-old dish was outdated.

Then, later on, I heard that their high-speed partners weren't so good. Sure, I could go back to DSL, but truth be told: I like my cable internet. A year ago, I wouldn't have said as much, but in retrospect, I've had one major outage in 10 months versus an interruption every 10 days or so.

MLB.tv here I come and with cable I will stay.

And perhaps I may get wish just yet. Cox sent me a rebate for $89.95 for signing up with MLB.tv under the premise that if they can successfully negotiate an 11th hour deal, I won't made to wait for the InDemand folks to make the technical arrangements.

So I'm writing here with my new Dell laptop, connected to my wireless network, waiting until Wednesday to sign up (that's the next night Red Sox game) and waiting for April 2, Opening Day vs. Kansas City (Sox) and the Washington Nationals Home Opener against the Marlins.

Eight days until "summer" starts!


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