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Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh, that takes the edge off...

I know it's a slick PR move, timed just two days before the PWC Commissioners Hearing on January 23, but dammit, I'm excited to see Art Silber unveil the plans for the new P-Nats ballpark. It also doesn't hurt that the P-Nats are stoking (stroking?) their strongest supporters — season-ticket holders — who, in turn, will evangelize on their behalf to the media and the board (guilty on both counts). I'd still rather be in Brockton on the 26th, but getting at something that already appears to be about the size of Fraser Field or Holman Stadium is pretty damn cool.

The artist rendering hints at a cantilevered roof, which I have to say, would be a wise move. As much as I like day games in opposing ballparks, I dislike getting fried in the sun unnecessarily. The P-Nats have wisely moved start times on Sundays from 1:05 to 6:05 from June 24th forward. I'd even further recommend moving the Camp game times from noon to 10:30am for the same reason. It's freakin' hot in Virginia during the summer. Not to mention that it gives the folks a place to "hide" during rain delays.

It's certainly nice to think about the Pfitz having its days numbered, at least as the host of professional baseball. It's even nicer to think about the new digs...


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