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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

P-Nats Rosters Announced

It's taken some time to adjust to the standards of affiliated ball, but for the first time in three years, it appears I'm going to get to see some real prospects. If nothing else, I don't think I'll be leaving early so much this April and May as it looks like the early edition of the 2008 Potomac Nationals will be able to pitch.

Without further ado...

Starting Pitchers
Adrian Alaniz, Ross Detwiler, Yunior Novoa, Jhonny Nuñez, Cory VanAllen, Jordan Zimmermann

Relief Pitchers
Adam Carr, Carlos Martinez, Jack Spradlin, Zech Zinicola, Josh Wilkie, Craig Stammen

Devin Ivany, Brian Peacock

Chris Marrero, Ofilio Castro, Matt Rogelstad, Seth Bynum, Jemel Spearman, Leonard Davis (DL)

Frank Diaz, Marvin Lowrance, Edgardo Baez, Dee Brown, Steve Doetsch

Granted, as you can see from the itals, there are a fair amount of 2007 players but what's exciting is that a few of them dropped down from Harrisburg, which stands to reason since that particular team was woefully overmatched, consisting largely of 2006 P-Nats that were the equivalent of middle-school social promotions. Folks in Harrisburg will now enjoy what they should be enjoying: guys moving up based on ability not age, such as Justin Maxwell, Mike Daniel, and Ian Desmond.

The season opener is Friday, the Home Opener is next Tuesday. Let's hope the optimism is rewarded.

# # #

Just quick PS: Shawn Hill will be making a rehab start for the Home Opener, weather permitting. Let's hope he doesn't give me the chance to rant about how major-leaguers treat these games like spring training and dog it.


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