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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Loudoun County Team Update

Earlier this week, the folks attempting to bring an Atlantic League team to Loudoun County revealed their finalists for the "Name That Team" contest:

  • Dulles Blue Heron
  • Loudoun Hounds
  • Virginia Silver Stars
My first take?


OK, now for some second takes...

Blue Heron isn't so bad, but the folks who whittled this down seem to forget that there is already a team in the Atlantic League with "Blue" in its name, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. Worst case scenario: Same colors as the Blue Crabs and a ripoff of the old Delmarva Shorebirds logo.

Loudoun Hounds certainly lends itself nicely to a "toyetic" mascot, which works well for selling merchandise. I, for one, stopped by the Carolina Mudcats last spring in part because I liked the logo, too. The woman there told me that 50% of all sales come from the Internet, so I'm not alone. And I could live with this logo being reborn.

Virginia Silver Stars doesn't have the mascot angle, but it does tap into the region's military ties. I think it's a strong contender for that reason, but I worry about tapping the patriotism well. As my friend put it when the Nashua Pride became the American Defenders of New Hampshire, it could be viewed as a means of cashing in on the current wars overseas.

Third take...

Initially, I thought the Silver Stars would be the odds-on favorite. But the more I think of it, the more I believe that the Loudoun Hounds would be the best choice -- there's no color scheme that has to go with it, there'd be a natural mascot angle, and let's face it: The team can run out onto the field with...


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