Wooden's World of Baseball

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Summer Update

As I expected some months ago, when I began to write for NationalsProspects.com, this blog has gone fallow. Not quite dark, but fallow. I don't expect this to change until after the baseball season is over, though I'll probably document my trip to Tennessee here

Soon, I will own the NationalsProspects.com domain as its owner is looking to devote all his time and energy (and money) into his primary site, which is devoted to the Orioles. And that's fine by me. I'm willing to own and operate it through the rest of the summer and then see what happens.

As a fail-safe, I've reserved the Blogspot name of "Nationals Prospects" which has a very small chance forcing a name-change here, since I try to keep Peter Parker and Clark Kent separate, if you know what I mean. It's also a little insurance against spoofers, spammers, and malcontents.

This offseason could possibly see the non-renewal of the Potomac-Washington PDC, but that's a subject I prefer not to discuss in depth. Ballparkdigest.com suggested a scenario in which that could happen, but as my buddy Shawn says, it's awfully hard to get back into the Carolina League once you get out. As much of a sh!thole the Pfitz is, I believe the Silbers could leverage their grandfather clause as a pre-1990 facility and lure a team that wants in at any cost.

But I'm not going to fret and worry about that just yet. After what happened three years ago, I think I could figure out some alternatives, not the least of which could be simply buying weekend tickets to Frederick, Hagerstown, Bowie and Waldorf and/or making pilgrimages in every which direction. And there's always a chance that that proposed team in Loudoun County will actually get off the ground.

Thirty-four games in 9½ weeks. Eighty games doesn't seem so far-fetched. Now that's something to shoot for and look forward to.